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Are you an Emily Carr University alum looking to get involved with the Alumni Association? If you are interested in representing the voices of your fellow alumni, you can learn more about the roles and responsibilities as well as how to put your application forward for consideration on the ECUAA website. Visit the About page to learn more about the Association.

The ECUAA is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion within our community and to building an organization that reflects the alumni we serve. We encourage applications from alumni who identify as Indigenous, Black and people of colour; 2SLGBTQIA+; people living with disability; and members of other equity-seeking groups.

All board members are elected for a term of two years and may be re-elected to serve a maximum of three consecutive terms.

If you wish to put yourself forward for a board member position, please submit a short statement (250-300 words) expressing your interest in being involved along with a current CV to

Please consider carefully whether you can fulfill the responsibilities set out below. The submission of an application does not necessarily mean that you will be asked to stand for election. If you are not selected for nomination this year by our nomination team, we will keep your interest on file for future years.

For additional information on ECUAA Board, copies of recent minutes or information on by-laws and procedures, please email Teresa Nieman, Alumni Relations Officer.

The ECUAA has established core programming and commitments to events within the university in which it plays a participatory role. Along with our ongoing events, we have a yearly schedule of events that align with the academic calendar, and have created teams to manage these areas. Along with the recurring events, the association gets involved with special events and processes as they happen and assigns people to lead those teams.

***These roles are still in draft form and as we enroll new members in the organization we seek to bring more detail and specifics to these definitions.

Exhibitions + Gallery Team
Our current gallery program is centered around a relationship with the Arts Club BMO Theatre Center, where the ECUAA features work from Emily Carr Alumni in the venue space. We seek to expand our gallery and exhibition program, and develop more partnerships with external venues to showcase work from Emily Carr Alumni. Our goal with growing this program is to be able to feature the wide variety of art, design and media practices in venues and spaces that are suitable for different types of work. In addition we are developing ways in which we can bring alumni back to campus to showcase work and also create a convergence with the current student body and alumni of different generations.

Community Engagement Team
This team is currently focused on events that happen on campus where the student body is coming together in the context of community building and creating meaningful connections across disciplines. The current priorities of this team is Club Days and the Graduation Help Desk as well as other university-wide events such as the upcoming Chancellor installation. The goal of this team is to foster and support relationships with other organized bodies within the university – helping to create congruence, develop collaborations and discover new ways in which alumni can support the student experience at Emily Carr.

AGM Team
The core responsibility of this team is to produce the AGM each year, and focus on the organizational design of the Emily Carr Alumni Association. The AGM is our yearly touchpoint to update, to review and to re-imagine the direction we are heading as an association. Refining the roles of our association’s contributors and our various teams is an example of the work that the AGM Team takes on. This team ensures that the association stays relevant, and in alignment with Emily Carr University as it grows and develops. We have a vision for the AGM being a larger coming-together moment for the Emily Carr community, to develop the AGM as a feature ECUAA event that highlights excellence in art, design, media and community practices.

Special Teams
These teams are composed to support special events and activities in partnership with other organized bodies within the institution. Special teams can be short or long term depending on the type of engagement required and the needs of these projects and events. Special teams are project focused and guided by a clear set of goals and outcomes. Our special teams hope to involve a wider array of students and alumni working together on projects that are meaningful to the community and that have a long lasting impact on the future of the university. An example of an upcoming special team is the one that will need to be formed to contribute to Emily Carr’s Centennial celebrations. Starting in 2022 our organization will build a team to support the Emily Carr Foundation and the Major Fundraising Campaign in the lead up to the Centennial in 2025.

Ambassador + Advocates (NEW)
These roles are newly established for the Emily Carr Alumni Association in 2022 with the goal of creating new ways for Alumni to participate, contribute and be active within the association, without having to join the board as voting members. These members can engage in activities defined by our teams, and on special projects that happen throughout the school year. Being an Advocate or Ambassador member is community focused with a core directive of enhancing and supporting the Emily Carr student learning experience. An outcome of this is to foster a mentorship program that supports the journey from foundation year, though to graduation, helping you navigate opportunities and challenges towards receiving your degree. Many students and alumni take on this responsibility themselves out of their own goodwill, but these voluntary models are not sustainable and do not create continuity. With these informal roles we hope to create more continuity and develop a pool of Alumni who can move into board roles, and for Alumni leaving the board to stay involved.

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