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ECUAA Gallery Project – History

“Sisters” by ECUAA Gallery Project exhibitor Murray Siple (BFA, 1994)

About ECUAA Gallery Project at the BMOTC / Arts Club

The Emily Carr Alumni Association is pleased to present The ECUAA Gallery project. The Alumni Gallery project is a longstanding program that began over 25 years ago at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. The program supports Emily Carr Alumni: new grads, emerging and re-emerging, mid-career, and established artists. We provide an opportunity to show new work in a public venue, to be supported by other alumni, and to reconnect with other graduates and the university.

The Gallery Project is currently housed in the atrium of the BMO Theatre Centre, the headquarters of the Arts Club Theatre Company.

Past Exhibitors

Past exhibitor Kathleen McGiveron (BFA, 2011) prepares for 2015 show “Creatures from Dust”


Please note this list is not exhaustive. Send us an email if you don’t see your name here and should.

2016 Onwards

Richard Nielson

Murray Siple

Michael Bjornson

Geoff Carter


Nadine Agosti

Nicola Swaine

Leah Biggs

Fiona Tang

Kathleen McGivern


Miriam Aroeste

Judy Shane

Lorna Schwenk

Alison Woodward

Suzy Arbor

Jody MacDonald

Christann Kennedy

Polly Gibbons

Sarinah Haba


Brenda Crabtree

Lindsay Delaronde

Melvin Dunn

Luke Parnell

Dionne Paul

Nicola Sampson

Debra Sparrow

Sean Mills

Chris Donnelly

Carlyn Yandle

Robin Ripley

Rosemary Burden

Kat Cortes

Tara Hach

Emma Lehto

Talent Pun

Carlo Sayo


A work from past exhibitor Pierre Leichner (BFA, 2007), from Unearthing Books (2011)



Wendy Niamath

Jen Aitken

Ellen Bang

Elizabeth Topham

Claire Madill

Patrick Cruz

Phyllis Schwartz

Alison Keenan


 Christian Dahlberg

Kyle Duska

Zarah Ackerman

Jeremy Green

Silvia Wong

Pierre Leichner

Suzan Marczak

Francisco-Fernando Granados

Chris Allen

Carolina Becerra

Talent Pun

Nadia Chiu

Kat Cortes

David Coates

Rod Roodenburg

Jeff Hamada

Alex Nelson

Grace Partridge

Isabelle Swinderski

Madeline Koeberling

Nicolas Lypowy


 Colleen Heslin

Zoe Hodgson

Tabitah Gwyn Osler

Corin Sworn

Lindsey Bond

Benjamin Larose

Tony Yin Tak Chu

Justine Brooks

Carley Bates

Helen Teager

Jeremy Brinbaum

Tanya Dubick


 Luciana Alvarez

Jeremiah Birnbaum

Tony Yin Tak Chu

Danielle Hoogenboom

Alison Keenan

Leslie Kennah

Myungsook Lee

Peirre Leichner

Kristi Malakoff

Winona Reisma

Jasmine Reimer

Jenny Shipper

Elizabeth Topham

Sande Waters

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