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TED features Emily Carr Engagement Art

TED features Emily Carr Engagement Art

“The Harmonograph Swingset, capturing the frequency of love and friendship”
– from the TED Blog

We are happy to celebrate the successful installation of a “Harmonograph Swingset” at this year’s TED conference, hosted in Vancouver. A sculpture by Carly Stadelmann and Emily Carr University employee Jeremy Wong literally made waves inviting thousands of global visitors at TED to create interactive art pieces.


The Harmonograph was popularized in the nineteenth century as a mathetmatically-inspired device, translating harmonic notes to images, linking sight and sound.

Carley and Jeremy took the concept to new heights by creating a pair of 16′ x 16′ x 10′ swingsets as two independent pendulums swing on a perpendicular axis, controlling the movement of a pen relative to a drawing surface. By adjusting the frequency and phase of the pendulums relative to one another, various harmonies are created.


Using humans as weights to power the pendulums, the swing set translates this momentum to a frequency unique to each rider. Varying combinations of weight, create an array of unique, one-of -a kind representations of harmonic notes.

This brilliant and interactive experience bridges the gap between science and art. We are excited to see where the Harmonograph Swingset will turn up next. Keep your eyes on Emily Carr news to see when you can take a ride!

Read more on the TED blog.

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