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Annie Briard | Any Day Now

Annie Briard | Any Day Now

Back Gallery Project and Pattison Art in Transit are presenting the anticipated third and final iteration of their Strathcona Billboard Project with Annie Briard’s public art work Any Day Now as part of Capture Photography Festival.

Instructor and MAA alumna Annie Briard (’13) creates moving images and lens-focused work to confront visual perception and the interpretation of what we see. Her practice exploits elements that influence vision including embodiment, reverie, and ocular phenomena. By decontextualizing what the viewer expects of billboards, using the optical recursive void and offering a stereoscopic 3D viewing potential, Any Day Now underlines connections between visual attention, wonder, and possibility.

The form and purpose of the billboard itself is revisited within the work. Billboards seek to catch our eyes through bright colours, bold fonts, and rapid messages. Any Day Now is formed by the space surrounding it; instead of showing or telling, it provides a mirroring of space for contemplation. Its message is revealed through reflection: any day now, a new sight; a moment of wonder; any day now, an escape.

Back Gallery Project invites the public for a billboard walk on Thursday April 9th from 6pm-7pm. 3D glasses will be available on site throughout the month. More information.

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