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Seymour Art Gallery | Moving Throughlines

Moving Throughlines highlights shared themes and ideas fluctuating within the artists’ work; themes including identity politics, family, globalization, language, hidden violence, tradition, representation, cultural assimilation, and the disruption of oppressive systems. These ideas are explored by the artists in different ways and, where they intersect, offer further opportunities for connection and conversation. The exhibition includes work by four Emily Carr University alums and the jury included alum Tsēmā (BFA 2011).

Artists: Aman Aheer (BFA 2018), Vanessa Mercedes Figueroa, Mona Hedayati, Josephine Lee, Melody Markle, Sora Park (BFA 2014), John Sebastian, Michelle Sound (MAA 2011), and Reyhaneh Yazdani (MFA 2019)

Learn more about the exhibition and participating artists on the Seymour Art Gallery website. Above text credited to Seymour Art Gallery.

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