EMMA – Creative Center Pforzheim | Product Designer in Residence


EMMA – Creative Center Pforzheim is looking for 3 young designers to join the Designers in Residence Pforzheim 2020 program April-June 2020 in Germany.

Every year from April to June the city of Pforzheim invites international young designers as part of the scholarship program “Designers in Residence” to Pforzheim. “Designers in Residence” is aimed at young designers working in the fields of jewelery, fashion and product design. One scholarship holder for each subject will be invited to the EMMA – Creative Center Pforzheim for a three-month working phase.

The Designers in Residence Pforzheim 2019 program is a 3-month full time working residency from April 01 to June 30 2020.


  • applications open to designers worldwide
  • open to young international designers in the areas of jewellery, fashion/textiles/accessories and industrial design.
  • Applicants must have completed studies at an university of applied sciences or university, must not be older than 35 years old or must have completed their studies not longer than two years ago.
  • Language skills in English or German required
  • No applications fee


Apply online for Designers in Residence 2020

DEADLINE TO APPLY: November 15 2019

Read the Designers in Residence Pforzheim General Terms & Conditions