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Teneda Webber | Photography

Teneda Webber | Photography

Teneda Weber (1965 to 2019) received a degree in Photography from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 1987. Teneda worked as a photographer in Vancouver and Victoria, and her work was exhibited and published in Canada and the United States, including a solo exhibit at X Changes Gallery in Victoria, and inclusion in a group exhibit at A.I.R. Gallery, in New York City. Teneda saw the photographic potential in the most often unlikely combinations of subjects and locations. In 1996 she wrote: “I have attempted to capture my subjects in a natural and unassuming manner, placing them in carefully chosen locations – locations that reflect the individual.”

Teneda’s subjects were friends, acquaintances and often strangers, people that met her in what Teneda called “chance encounters”, during her travels around the cities of Victoria and Vancouver. Her shoots were very thoughtfully planned, with sites visited in advance, and props and clothing carefully sourced. Tom McGlynn, artist, curator and writer wrote in 1993: “Teneda Webber’s commitment to her work is a sustained and focused exploration of her chosen medium, photography. How the photograph can vividly depict a demographic specificity, with regards her subject; her contemporary social reality, is revealed in the seemingly uncomposed and spontaneous series of prints she has produced.”

Below we have included a series of Teneda’s photographs. For more of her work, we highly suggest visiting the website thoughtfully put together by her sister and fellow alum, Tenesh Webber (1982), after Teneda’s death this past spring.

Teneda Webber, Wyndi L. Palmer, Holly Caird, Ali Blythe, 2000 (courtesy of Tenesh Webber)
Teneda Webber, Vaysha Foley, 1994 (courtesy of Tenesh Webber)
Teneda Webber, Kain, 1995 (courtesy of Tenesh Webber)
Teneda Webber, Grahame, 1991 (courtesy of Tenesh Webber)
Teneda Webber, David Chubey, 1994 (courtesy of Tenesh Webber)
Teneda Webber, Albert Eppinga and Blaine, 1995 (courtesy of Tenesh Webber)
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