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Unibrow | Comedy + Zine Fest

Unibrow | Comedy + Zine Fest

Unibrow Arts Festival, created by Lisa Curry and Cam Macleod, celebrates Mount Pleasant’s art, zine, and comedy communities. Vancouver’s first comedy + zine fest, is a volunteer-run, multi-day event fusing the diverse talent of Vancouver’s comedy and DIY art publishing scenes. The second iteration of the festival takes place from August 22–25, 2019 in venues up and down Main Street in Mount Pleasant.

Venues include: Red Gate Arts Society, Little Mountain Gallery, 8th Dimension Comics, The Lido, and Anti-Social Skateshop.

Unibrow Arts Festival was launched last year with support from the Vancouver Art Book Fair. This year, Unibrow brought in curators Kirsten Hatfield (BFA, 2014) and Cole Pauls (BFA, 2015) to coordinate the art and zine events, while comedians Tin Lorica and Nima Gholamipour took care of the comedy side of the festival. The festival celebrates art forms traditionally seen as ‘low brow,’ hence the name ‘Unibrow’.

Please go out and support your Emily Carr alumni community! There are a lot of alumni participating in this awesome festival – and even some current Emily Carr students! Buckle up, this list is a long one.

Participating alumni: Aaron Charles Read (BFA, 2012), Aisha Davidson (BFA, 2010), Alison Woodward (BFA, 2014), Beatrice Moore (BFA, 2018), Brynne Johnston (BFA, 2015), Cole Pauls (BFA, 2015), Dawn Lo (BFA, 2014), Eden Cooke (BFA, 2014), Eva Dominelli (BFA, 2017), Flavourcel Animation Collective ft. Anna Firth (MFA, 2018), Alia Hijaab (BMA, 2018), Chhaya Naran (BMA, 2018), Chris Strickler (BMA, 2018), Josh Neu (BMA, 2018), Julia Song (BMA, 2018), Kat Morris (BMA, 2018), Laurel Pucker (BMA, 2018), and Rowen Rinaldi (BMA, 2017), Joni Taylor (BFA, 2014 + MFA, 2018), Karla Monterrosa (BFA, 2013), Karlene Harvey (BFA, 2007), Kathleen Gros (BFA, 2015), Kirsten Hatfield (BFA, 2014), Lauren Ray (BFA, 2016), Louisa Tsui (BFA, 2012), Melissa Soleski (BFA, 2015), Moniker Press by Erica Wilk (BFA, 2011), Natasha Broad (BFA, 2013), and Siobhan Smith (BFA, 2017).

Also includes current students Alexis Valgardsson (ILUS), Dasha Yildirim (ILUS), David Gorodetsky (VIAR, Flavorcel), and Serisa Fitz-James (VIAR).

For a full list of participating artists and comedians, visit the Unibrow Arts Festival website. For a full list of pop-up events, visit the Facebook event!

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