Aaron Wolf (Demo)

Aaron Wolf


Class of 2007, Major Fine Arts

My artwork style and subject matter is scattershot, all over the place


Having always taken influence and inspiration from everywhere; be it art, music, politics, and the people around me, as well as observations of the world through my eyes and the misconstrued lens of the media.  I see myself as a remix artist, taking or rather stealing snippets from these places and reorganizing them into a new whole.  My artwork style and subject matter is scattershot, all over the place.  Each piece is created with a different work process and materials and because of this, my portfolio looks as though it is not created by one person, but by a collective.

While spending a majority of the last decade travelling from country to country, carrying little more then a few changes of clothes and my sketchbook and computer, I have digitally composed and used the internet as a means to stay in touch and share all my influences and artworks created along the way.  It is only just over a year ago I returned to Vancouver and set my roots down.  This newfound stability has enabled me to begin working predominantly by hand again and this in turn has aloud me to work on large pieces that are similar in subject matter and content.